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Best Android Training

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About GAPSOFT Android Training Course

• GAPSOFT is a leading mobile app development course provider institute in Surat which provides Android training in surat. We provide each and every aspect of Android development.
• In this course you will get in-depth knowledge of the android app development process.
• We help you to learn and gain the expertise to develop innovative android apps.
• We have highly professional and talented mentors who will guide you in learning Android app development process.
• Our trainers will prepare you for interview questions to get you the best job in this field.
• GAPSOFT provides a golden opportunity to learn the best app development course for beginners/freshers/students.

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Why is learning Android so important?

• Android is an OS for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
• There are demands for Android developers in the companies and these demands/interests are increasing day by day.
• It’s an open-source google product.
• Almost 75% of devices in the world are using Android OS.

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Why choose us?

• Our expert trainers will teach you coding, designing, and development of android mobile apps.
• Our training is more focused on practical concepts rather than theoretical concepts.
• At the end of this course you will be confident enough to develop your own android application.
• We also provide final year project training based on the android app.
• GAPSOFT provides project training to BCA, MCA, BSC IT, MSC IT, BE, Diploma in computer students.

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Course Content

Introduction to Android OS

• Overview Of Android
• Intro Of Android Studio
• History Of Android
• Android Architecture
• Types of Android Application

Setup of Android Development Environment

• System Requirements
• Android Studio Installation
• Android Platform Tools, Version
• Android lifecycle
• Android SDK & Tools
• Android Virtual Devices
• Introduction Gradle
• Hierarchy Program Structure
• Device and Emulator control

Types of Layouts

• Relative Layout
• Linear Layout
• Frame Layout
• Coordinator Layout
• Constraint Layout
• Percentage Layout

Android Widgets

• Button
• TextView
• EditText
• ImageView
• Image Button
• Checkbox
• Radio button
• Toast Message
• Context Class
• Seek Bar
• Scroll View
• Spinner
• Autocomplete Text View
• Butter Knife
• Text Input Layout
• Inbuilt List View & Grid View
• Event Handlers & Listener
• External Font Use
• Screen Orientation
• Remove Action Bar
• Android Form
• Change Color of Status Bar

Android Components Introduction

• Activity & Activity Lifecycle
• Services
• Content Providers
• Widgets & Notifications
• Intent & Broadcast Receivers

Intent and Intents Filter

• Implicit Intent
• Explicit Intent
• Intent Filter Elements
• Passing Data Using Static
• Library Integration
• External Library with Jar
• External Library with Dependency
• Module Integration

Android UI

• Custom List View
• Custom Grid View
• Recycler View
• Card View
• Web View
• Animation

Image Loader Library

• Glide
• Picasso
• Universal Image Loader

Android Menu & Dialogs

• Option Menu & Toolbar
• Style and Themes
• Date Picker Dialog
• Time Picker Dialog
• Alert Dialog & Custom Dialog


• Static Fragment
• Dynamic Fragment


• Tab layout Using ViewPager & Fragment

Navigation Drawer

• Inbuilt Navigation Drawer
• Custom Navigation Drawer
• How to Make Intro App (Ex. Xender )

SQLite Database

• Introducing Database (Local Database & Server Side Database )
• Intro of SQLite Database
• SQLiteOpenHelper and Creating a Database
• Insert, Update, Delete, Retrieve
• Working with Cursors
• Database with Tab layout
• External Database Use

Shared Preference

• Create Shared Preference
• Read and Retrieve Data from Shared Preference

Web Service/API Services

• Use of Base Activity
• Use of Application Class
• Introducing Web Service
• JSON Parsing(JSON Array & Object)
• JSON Parsing Using Volley (Get & Post Method)
• Path Query With Retrofit (Advanced API Calling)
• Retrofit JSON Parsing (Get & Post Method)

Publish Application

• Package name change
• Version change
• Create build APK
• APK analyze
• JKS File
• Create Signed APK and Bundle
• Live application

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